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Tomorrow I’m going in for a screw or plate to hold my shoulder together. Probably gonna come out wrapped like a cheap burrito. Will take a few days to heal, maybe more, but promise to catch up on ASAP.


  1. Leroy,

    I hope your surgeon is an ace–or at least he shops at Ace for all his screw supplies. No good using inferior parts. Heal up quickly. Your readers need you!

  2. Leroy, just make sure they use the good deck screws. They hold a lot better. Seriously, wishing you a successful outcome.

  3. Leroy, just lay in a copious quantity of adult beverages and lock the doors. Don’t let sensibility interfere with a well planned recovery program. HEAL!!!

  4. A Wiskey soaked burrito that are put together with deck screws. Sounds kinda like a Farsider recipe!
    I hope all goes well Leroy.

  5. Good luck on getting screwed, Leroy. Get lots of whiskey and Duck tape to help with the recovery.

  6. Screw and plate? They didn’t offer you super glue and gorilla tape??? Hope it all goes well for you Leroy and take it easy and get well soon.

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