Mark Bell dpoerntsSo1yiu 9iacMl16329t92um9h29ctg0m1ht27051mccc0m260l5h  ·  Tonight six members of our chapter attended the benefit for the three injured officers from San Jose PD. Two officers were shot responding to a domestic violence report. Upon their arrival, a

While “safe and sane” fireworks — including sparklers, smokeballs and noisemakers — are legal in many cities throughout California, projectile and explosive fireworks are illegal everywhere in the state. So, unless you have a connection in Chinatown,

IMMIGRATION / JUNE 25, 2024 Trump Is Pro-Immigration The former president recently pushed the idea of expanding America’s green card program to all foreign residents who get their college degrees in the U.S. IMMIGRATION / JOSH HAMMER / JUNE 21, 2024

Hello again. Curious to know how you fared on Father’s Day? I made out like a bandit. Mike invited us up for a BBQ and my Granddaughter flew in from AZ where she teaches 2nd