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Mattos Mail Bag!

Hello all,This month’s meeting had 70 attendees, biggest group to date! Thank you all!

Condolences to the families of retirees:

  • Ofc. Anthony (Tony) Beckwith #1458 (Dec)
  • Lt. Rich Saito #1876 (Mar)

Returning members: Mark Alvares, Dan Archie, Rich Bailey, Mark Bell, Jim Carlton, John Esparza, Bob Lobach, Tom McCready, Terry Moudakas, Russ Pacheco, Curt Reeves, Larry Reuter,
Pete Salvi, B.T. Smith,

New member(s): Retired Lt. Mark McIninch submitted his application at the meeting.

Vice President, retired Sgt. Curtis Jackson, nominated Bud LoMonaco as an Associate Member.
Bud has been a staunch supporter of the Department, local law enforcement and the Crime Stoppers organization.
Retired Ofc. Rene Retuta nominated Yolanda Reyes as an Associate Member.
Yolanda retired from the Department 2017 as a non-sworn staff member.

Both nominations were voted on and approved by the members present.

A big welcome to Mark, Bud and Yolanda to the PBA!

Happy Birthday to the members celebrating this month and birthday gift card winners:

  • Paul Spagnoli (Dunkin)
  • Mike Richmond (Shell Gas)
  • Randy Cardin (Bass Pro)

 March Birthdays
(Dates to the right are the retirement dates)
1   Belleci, Ron                      (2002)
2   Brown, Ernie                     (2008)
3   Bytheway, Glenn               (2001)
4   Cardin, Randy                   (2004)
5   Carr, John Sr                     (2008)
6   Costa, John
7   Cottrell, Keith                     (2015)
8   Habina, Ron                       (1998)
9   Haff, Jack                           (1993)
10 Hale, Don                           (2000)
11 Hawkes, Ken                      (1994)
12 Kirby, Gary                         (2011)
13 Lovecchio, Pete                 (2009)
14 Paredes, Chuck                  (2001)
15 Richmond, Mike                  (2001)
16 Ross, Mike                          (2008)
17 Smith, Kerry                        (1999)
18 Spagnoli, Paul                     (2018)
19 Strickland, John                   (1998)
20 Summers, Bob                     (1995)

Alvarez, Dave
Bailey, Bill
Leavy, Bill
Pulliam, Norv
Trussler, John
Van Dyck, Mike
Wendling, Jay

Kerry Smith, Bob Summers

Raffle prizes donated by:
Guy Bernardo, Dave Dulong, Ernie Hernandez, Ken Jacksteit, Al McCulloch, John Quinn,
Jim Silvers, PBA.
As always, all contributions are very much appreciated, thank you!

The San Jose Police Emerald Society will be hosting the annual memorial for
Ofc. Michael Johnson #3718 on Sunday, March 24 at 10 am, Oak Hill Cemetery.
Attached is the flyer and the event synopsis.



Retired Ofc. Jaime Saldivar #1805 is organizing a memorial for Sgt. Jim Overstreet #2202.
The event will be on Sunday, May 19 at the POA Hall; more information to follow.

President Ernie Alcantar, VP Curtis Jackson

Al McCulloch, Tony Destro, Bob Summers, Carm Grande, Jim Carlton, Brian Bennert,
Will Battaglia

Jim Spence, Larry Lundberg, Phil Rodgers, Dave Wysuph, Tom Mazzone, Terry Handforth,
Tom Anthony

Mark Bell, George Padilla, Robert Dominguez, Ted Vasquez, Dan Archie, Curt Reeves

Walt Robinson, Mike Fehr, Pete Salvi, Chaplain Bryan Allen

Bill Santos, John Esparza, Jerry Smith, Russ Pacheco

Tony Rodgriquez, Mike Mendez, Felipe Flores, Robert Valenzuela, Susan Annino,
Rene Retuta, Ernie Hernandez

Mark McIninch, Gene Phillips, Bill Mason, Mike Amaral, Craig Clifton, Ken Jacksteit,
Mike Moore, Bill Clark, Guy Bernardo

Rich Bailey, Bob Lobach, Dave Byers, Terry Moudakas

Rich Frazier, Larry Lundberg, John Quinn

First in line. Time to eat!

Buck DeMers, Kerry Smith, B.T. Smith’s daughter, B.T. Smith

ChaCha Ramon, Dave Dulong, Russ Bence, Reese Gwillim, Ken Tanaka, Mike Khimm

Gene Phillips

ChaCha Ramon, Ernie Alcantar

Please ensure the PBA has your correct contact information.  Address updates may be sent to:
Larry Lundberg, lumpyl@sbcglobal.net or Ken Jacksteit, kj2196@gmail.com

As always; if you may have a question, concern, comment or would like to reach out, my email is:

Ernie Alcantar
PBA President


  1. Sure was great seeing so many great people from my era, especially my academy classmate and good friend Walt Robinson. Miss you all.

    Ron Martinelli, #1854, Ret.
    Boerne, TX

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