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US Forces Attacked 7 Times in Past 48 Hours, Biden Never Mentions It.
“U.S. Troops have been Attacked in Iraq and Syria over 7 Times in the last 48 Hours and the President of the United States just made absolutely Zero Mention of the Attacks or a Response in his Address to the Nation,” OSINTdefender X account posted Thursday night. VIEW MORE HERE

NYT Prints Dishonest Photo with Fake Gaza Hospital Story

Gaza Hospital Story: ‘Astonishing Disinformation’
The New York Times misrepresented a photo of a semi-demolished building to be the location of the Gaza Hospital, which the paper initially reported on Tuesday as hit by an “Israeli strike.” FULL STORY HERE

Conservative Rabbi Destroys Dem Senator Who Claims To Support Israel While Funding Iran(Rallying Patriots) – A Jewish rabbi, who was at one time a close friend of New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, completely and totally demolished his claims of supporting the nation of Israel while also sending billions of dollars to one of the country’s biggest enemies in the Middle East, Iran. You learn a whole lot more about a person from their actions than you do their words, and what Booker has done definitely does not match his verbal claims. FULL STORY HERE

Man wants to use women’s bathroom. Chicago mother will have none of it

Las Vegas mega Bldgs.


Here’s THE TRUTH About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Discover the magical bond between a little 2-year-old girl with a natural gift, and the majestic horses she communicates with. This heartwarming journey unveils the innocence and pure friendship that blossoms in the quaint countryside farm. With each gentle touch and soft whisper, she and her equine friends share a language of love and trust beyond words. Join us in this tender adventure that will melt your heart and reignite your belief in the unspoken bond between humans and nature. Witness the magical world of a toddler horse whisperer that will leave you enchanted and longing for the simple, unadulterated joys of life.

 Ernie Alcantar, President

 Curtis Jackson, Vice President  Larry Lundberg, Treasurer
 Cindy Buell, Sgt. at Arms  Ken Jacksteit, Editor
Mattos Mail Bag!
Hello all,
This month’s meeting had 72 attendees; thank you all!
 Returning members: Mario Hernandez, Ralph Percelle, Bruce Raye
 Condolences to the families of retirees, Ofc. Gustavo (Gus) Vega #2727 and
Randy Campbell #2374 and Sgt. Jim Spence on the loss of his longtime partner, Wanda Lorenzo
 Welcome back to Vice President Curtis Jackson, Gilbert Torres and Chaplain Bryan Allen, having gone through medical procedures over the past months.
A speedy recovery to retired Sgt. Jim Overstreet #2202 who underwent back surgery earlier this month in Arizona.  Kudos to retired Lt. Jerry Smith #2128 who drove to Arizona and provided support to Jim before and after the surgery.
Officer Erin Allen was released last week after a 9-week hospitalization after being shot on duty.  Attached is a link of the Department posted video.  We wish her continued strength and health as she continues to improve.
https://x.com/SanJosePD/status/1715509159553306871?s=20A shout out to retired Ofc. Chacha Ramon #2292.  She recently participated in the Kona Ironman Championships and medaled for completing the event consisting of the following:

  • 2.4-mile swim
  • 112-mile bike ride
  • 26.2-mile run 

 New member(s): None

Happy Birthday to the members celebrating this month. The $25 birthday gift card winners:

  • Rich Bailey (Peet’s)
  • Phil Alfano (Peet’s)
  • Mike Alford (Shell Gas)
October Birthdays

(Dates to the right are retirement dates)
1   Alfano, Phil               (1998)
2   Alford, Mike             (2007)
3   Bailey, Rich              (1999)
4   Bell, Mark                 (2002)
5   Bennett, Nate           
6   Beiderman, Margie   (2015)
7   Boyles, John             (2002)

8   Brahm, Bob              

Victor Cardoza 1709
BD. October 7. 1950

9   Cripe, Rodger           (1999)
10 Dominguez, Robert   (2010)
11 Harris, Diane            (2006)
12 Harris, Don               (2005)
13 Hyland, Brian           (2007)
14 Kensit, John              (1999)
15 Kneis, Brian              (2009)
16 Madison, Gary          (1998)
17 Marcotte, Steve       (2005)
18 McEwan, Steve         (2018)
19 Nunes, Les               (2008)
20 Pacheco, Russ          (2008)
21 Russel, Russ             (2001)
22 Valcazar, Dan           (2014)
23 Vallecilla, Ernie         (2009)
24 Zwemke, Doug         (1996)

Hollars, Bob
Weesner, Steve
Yuhas, Dick

Happy Birthday Brian Hyland

Raffle prizes donated by: Cindy Buell, Goodwill, Ernie Hernandez, Fred Lagergren, Al McCulloch, Bruce Raye, Jim Silvers, Ted Vasquez, PBA.  All contributions are very much appreciated, thank you!
Thank you to Craig Clifton for organizing the meeting hall set up and taking the photographs.
Speaker(s): Brian Hyland gave an update on the Emerald Society recent events.
Announcements: Nominations for 2024 PBA board members were opened; none was received.
Upcoming events:
The San Jose Police Emerald Society will be hosting the End of Watch memorials for Officers Desmond Casey #2705 and Jeffrey Fontana #3702.  

Attached are the respective flyers and a recounting of the incidents posted by the San Jose Police Officer’s Association.
Officer Desmond J. Casey #2705

Officer Jeffery Fontana #3702


VP Curtis Jackson, President Ernie Alcantar

Pre-meeting Gatherings


Chow line

Chow time

Phil Rodgers, John Carr Sr., Dave Wysuph, Tom Mazzone, Larry Reuter, Larry Lundberg

Dave Byers, Dave Hendrix, Glenn Bytheway, Bruce Raye, Terry Handforth, Bill Santos,
Jim Silvers

Brian Bennert, Kerry Smith, Buck DeMers, Charlie Hoehn, Al McCulloch, Carm Grande, Bill Clark,
Tony Destro, Jim Lucarotti

Frank Portillo, Ralph Percelle, George Padilla, Cindy Buell, Ted Vasquez, Jerry Smith, 
Wil Montano, Dan Archie, Armando Elemen

Rene Retuta, Felipe Flores, Mike Mendez, Ernie Hernandez,
Chaplains Jim Becknall & Bryan Allen, Brian Hyland

Don Meade, Bill Clark, Mike Moore, Jeff Sheppard, Phil Biebel, Paul Gardner, Mike Roberts,
Mike Amaral

Fred Lagergren, April (Guest), Gilbert Torres, Bob Finnie, Reese Gwillim, Russ Bence, 
Cha Cha Ramon, Dave Dulong

Ken Jacksteit, Pete Tuminia, Tom McCready, Craig Clifton, Guy Bernardo

Mike Kihmm, Scott Savage, Ken Tanaka

Jeff Sheppard, Paul Gardner

Darrell Cortez

Lt. Robison patch & pin collection

UPDATE – Passing of Retired Sgt. Jim Guido #1065

Hello all,

I just received this from retired Sgt. Tony Destro:

With great sadness I wanted to inform the PBA that retired Sgt. Jim Guido #1065 passed away on 10/22/23 at noon of natural causes.

Additional information will be coming on any arrangements as soon as the family has made those decisions.

Thank you,

Ernie Alcantar
PBA President

Please ensure the PBA has your correct contact information.  Address updates may be sent to:
Larry Lundberg, lumpyl@sbcglobal.net or Ken Jacksteit, kj2196@gmail.com
As always; if you may have a question, concern, comment or would like to reach out, my email is:
Ernie Alcantar
PBA President


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