Changes to the original act of 2014, also known as ‘HR 218’

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 Ernie Alcantar, President     Curtis Jackson, Vice President

 Larry Lundberg, Treasurer    Cindy Buell, Sgt. at Arm

                                                                 Ken Jacksteit, Editor
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Hello all,Treasurer Larry Lundberg provided the link below that may be near and dear to many of our retired law enforcement officers (LEOs).

It describes proposed changes to the original act of 2014, also known as
‘HR 218’  and which is stamped on a retiree’s ID card, that may expand the rights of qualified law enforcement officers and retirees.

Thank you.

Ernie Alcantar
PBA President

2 Thoughts on “Changes to the original act of 2014, also known as ‘HR 218’

  1. H.R. 354 passed the House on 5-16-24 and is now in the Senate where it may or may not pass. Gun Owners of American (GOA) is against updating HR 218. They are encouraging their members to call their members of Congress and to vote no H.R. 354. GOA has even come out and called law enforcement officers and retired LEO’s an “ELITE CLASS” that should not have “special” considerations when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. I have copies of those emails sent by the GOA.. For us to get H.R. 354 passed we need to call our members of Congress and urge them to vote for this bill. There must be a few hundred thousand active and retired law enforcement officers in the United States who need to stand up and support this bill.

    1. Please understand that changing VOTNG in favor of HR 354 could endanger my life as a 33 year policeman who put many serious habitual offenders in prison who are out now. I must be able to protect my family and myself for the job that was required to do during my career. And to assist current police officers who may need help. Remember, it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. I’m proud to say it was never necessary for me to discharge my weapon on duty. I hope many officers have the same luck that I did.

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