Passing of Retired Officer Bill Tate #1698

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Hello all,I received an email from retired Sgt. Paul Gardner #1757 that sadly relates the passing of retired Officer Bill Tate #1698.

My dear friend Bill Tate #1698 passed away on Monday, January 15, 2024 from a cancer,
Multiple Myeloma.
Bill has been battling this disease for sometime and was just 10 days shy of his 77th birthday.
Bill is survived by his adult children and his wife of 43 years, Judith Tate.
Bill spent his entire career in BFO Patrol and no one could have been a better Community Policing Officer.
He had the gift of gab and was a very good listener.
Bill was also a huge man to match his huge personality and was affectionately known as ‘Mr. Tate’ due to his stature.
Bill was a man of God who would help anyone that he met.
After retirement, Bill became an extra help Deputy Sheriff working security at Traffic Court, listening to people’s concerns and directing them to the proper area to get help.  
Bill attended college in Oklahoma, excelling in football and wrestling; he was one of the strongest men I have ever known.
Bill was known for having huge hands, which, when needed in enforcement situations was very successful.
Bill had quite a following with those that needed maintenance on their VW’s, as he was well versed in repairing VW engines.
It was well known that Bill did not need any help in removing the engines, as he could lift them out of the vehicle by himself to make repairs.  
Bill had a fondness for cheesecake, which my wife prepared homemade for Bill on many occasions.
Bill loved to eat, as we had many Code 7’s (lunch) together in District William, which was where he lived and grew up.
I was one of several people in Bill’s life that received personal phone calls every couple of months to inquire how I was doing and how my family was doing.
He really cared about those that he knew throughout his career and his friends.  
Bill was strong of mind and body according to his wife, Judith.
Bill will certainly be missed by us all.
As per Bill’s personal wishes, there will not be any services. 
Paul Gardner, Retired #1757
My email, if you would like to reach out:

Thank you,

Ernie Alcantar
PBA President

8 Thoughts on “Passing of Retired Officer Bill Tate #1698

  1. What a wonderful man! Always a smile and kind word. Bill made everyone feel welcomed. I always looked for to seeing him at work.

  2. Bill was an awesome individual. Always happy, always positive. He was was my VW guy thru ’88 when I left them. We shared the exact same birthday and I ran into him in Reno several years ago in an elevator at Harrah’s in Reno. He didn’t recognize me and I insulted him as a joke. He shrugged it off and then we hugged. Good men go to soon.

  3. Bill And I grew up in Madera Ca. on farms. Bill was an all State wrestler in High school and all around good guy. Rip Billy.

  4. Bill was a true professional. He will be truly missed. Thank you Bill for being honest, dependable, and a friend.

  5. One-of-a-kind …… ABSOLUTE professional !!! Always open-minded and always there to make things go the right direction. Rest in eternal peace, and may your memory be eternal.

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