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 Ernie Alcantar, President


 Curtis Jackson, Vice President  Larry Lundberg, Treasurer
 Cindy Buell, Sgt. at Arms  Ken Jacksteit, Editor
Mattos Mail Bag!

Hello all,

This month’s meeting had 55 attendees; thank you all.
Returning members: Bill Lara, Louie Hill, Ron Gaumont, Mark Goings, Tim Knea
Condolences to the families of retirees, Ofc. Ed Marini #1955, Ofc. Marilynn Musser #1646,
Ofc. Louis (Lou) Nurisio #1224, Lt. Roy Ilse #1028.
A speedy recovery to Treasurer Larry Lundberg who was taken ill after his return from an Alaska trip.
New member(s): Retired Lt. Dennis Sorahan #1338 sent in his application from the San Diego area.  Welcome to the PBA!
Thank you to Craig Clifton for organizing the meeting hall set up and taking the photographs.
Speakers: Darrell Cortez gave an update on Ofc. Gus Vega. 
Kerry Smith spoke about the memorial for Ofc. Bill Leavy.

Nominations for board members will be accepted in October and November for the 2024 term.

Upcoming events/fundraisers:
SJPOA Charitable Foundation annual Chaplaincy fundraiser, 9/30/23, POA Hall

4th Annual Cal. Robbery Investigator’s Assoc. Poker Tournament, 10/21/2023
5:00 pm, POA Hall.

15th Annual SJPOA Charitable Foundation Chaplaincy Golf Tournament; 10/02/23, 10:30 am,
SJ Country Club.


Happy Birthday to the members celebrating this month. The $25 birthday gift card winners:

  • Jose Montes (Shell Gas)
  • Carm Grande (Olive Garden)
  • Dave Delgado (Peet’s)
September Birthdays

(Dates to the right are retirement dates)
1   Arca, Rich                 (2002)
2   Basilio, Les               (2003)
3   Bergtholdt, Doug      (1999)
4   Brown, Dennis          (2006)
5   Delgado, Dave          (2004)
6   Dolezal, Dennis         (2009)
7   Edillo-Brown, Margie (2010)
8   Gaumont, Ron          (2003)
9   Giorgiani, Joe           (2007)
10 Grande, Carm           (1998)
11 Hendrickson, Dave    (2005)
12 Jaeger, George         (1980)
13 Koenig, Heinz           (1999)
14 Mallett, Bill              (1993)
15 Marsh, Scott             (2009)
16 Montes, Jose            (2008)
17 Morton, Bruce          (1988)
18 Oliver, Pete              (2005)
19 Overstreet, Jim         (2009)
20 Parrot, Aubrey          (1993)
21 Schembri, Mike        (1998)
22 Shuey, Craig             (2000)
23 Simpson, Terry         (2009)
24 Sterner, Mike           (2008)
25 Tietgens, Don           (1998)
26 Wicker, Joe              (2005)

Brockman, Joe
Cunningham, Betty
Farlow, Paul
Hardpainter, Bob
Nurisio, Lou

Don Tietgens, Bruce Morton, Joe Giorgianni, Ron Gaumont

Raffle prizes donated by: Armando Elemen, Cindy Buell, Dave Dulong, Ernie Hernandez,
Al McCulloch, Jim Silvers, PBA.  
All contributions are very much appreciated, thank you!

Ernie Alcantar, Cindy Buell

Charlie Hoehn, Al McCulloch, Tony Destro, Bruce Morton, Brian Bennert, Kerry Smith

Terry Handforth, Chaplain Jim Becknall, Tom Mazzone, Tom Anthony, Mike Roberts

Reese Gwillim, Steve Windisch Jr., Russ Bence, Cha Cha Ramon, Dave Dulong, Scott Savage, 
Ken Tanaka, Tim Knea, Mike Kihmm

Don Tietgens, Jim Silver, Dick Tietgens, Brian Gay, Chaplain Bryan Allen

Paul Gardner, Ron Gaumont, Gary Madison, Mark Goings, Joe Giorgianni

Drinks on the house

Time to eat

Susan Anino, Felipe Flores, Ernie Hernandez, Mike Mendez, Jim Ureta, Rene Retuta

Bill Lara, Armando Elemen, Wil Montano, Gary Madison, Ken Yules

Ken Jacksteit, Don Parks, Mike Amaral, Craig Clifton, Bill Clark, Bill Santos, Mike Moore

Felipe Flores, Pete Gonzalez, Mark Alvares, Darrell Cortez

Ken Yules, Brian Hyland, Louie Hill, Bill Lara, Armando Elemen, Wil Montano

Ernie Alcantar, Cindy Buell, Rich Frazier, John Quinn

For the Chaplaincy, Thank You!

Please ensure the PBA has your correct contact information.  
Address updates may be sent to:

Larry Lundberg, or Ken Jacksteit,

As always; if you may have a question, concern, comment or would like to reach out, my email is:

Ernie Alcantar
PBA President

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