Let’s Pay Some Bills!

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As most of you are aware, I work for free 🙂 as do the very many TopContributors who provide much of the items of interest contained in the Farsider. But all is not free and there are monetary costs born by the guy who actually hosts the website and provides the email software needed to send the weekly Farsider to our 650 subscribers. I collect the items and he does all the magic things that get the weekly publication out to you.

So, if all 650 subscribers sent in $10.00 Eric would probably be sitting in Las Vegas having a ball and no work would get done. But chances are that only a generous percentage will donate, so for those you with a kind heart might consider $5, $10, or even $20 in the pot and we can keep this thing going through the 4th quarter into the New Year.

Thank you,
Leroy, Editor


1710 Magic Lane
Lodi, CA 95242-3928

In check Memo Line, “For musingsfromleroy.org website“



Eric Duran, President


C: 209-298-9644

10 Thoughts on “Let’s Pay Some Bills!

  1. Come on fellow retirees. We all enjoy reading this weekly missive, it is the one (and only) newsy news that connects all of us. Great memories are generated each and every week when reading The Farsider.
    Thanks for the notification. Check is in the mail.

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