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Signing in from Angeles Camp. Moved in, finally! Wi-Fi connected last night, finally.

Tripped over a packing box in the kitchen, hit the floor head and shoulder first.

Minor swelling at forehead but the extreme pain in shoulder makes me wonder if it may be broken.

More sniveling, I know, but I want to assure you that there will be Farsiders in the future! Stand by to stand by…


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  1. Leroy, you are tuff! Spit on it. Smoke another cigar and have a shot

    Where exactly did you move?

    Who did you get your internet service from?


  2. Congratulations on finally moving in; so sorry you tripped and fell, though. Make sure you get the shoulder looked at. Thank you for all you do, take care of yourself!

  3. Leroy! Oh No! Please take care! And Please keep us updated!
    Thank you as always for all you do for us!

  4. Oh so sorry. Hope you didn’t break anything since you still have lots of unpacking to do.
    Take care and watch were your stepping. You’re a senior now.
    Bob and Alice

  5. So sorry for the fall. Get the shoulder looked at. Dave fell and
    Bike his clavicle but didn’t go in. Now he has to live with the not
    Or have it rebroken to set it.

  6. Dang!!! Sorry to hear about that, Leroy. Hoping for an accelerated recovery, and kicking loose that pain! The Farsider can wait a few days … Get well.

  7. Dude, watch where yer walkin!
    Hope your place is off the main drag. We used to cruise through both ways on our trips to the place in Arnold.

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